We offer a Nd:Yag Laser micro welding service for the repair and modification of Plastic Injection Moulds, machine components, small metal parts, and assembly welding of small machine, medical etc., components.

This process is unlike any traditional welding, there is no electric arc, no hot gas, just highly focused, pulsed Laser light.

The heat input is the minimum required.

So there is little disortion, no discolouration, very small heat affected zone, hardening is generally unaffected.   


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email: laserweldnz@gmail.com



Process Advantages:

  • Low total thermal input
  • Precise Control of the weld and location
  • No distortion of the work piece
  • Can weld close to important features without damage
  • No fillers or fluxes required
  • Fast, cost-effective
  • Weld high alloy metals without difficulty
  • Narrow heat affected zone
  • Welds dissimilar metals
  • Only sufficient material deposited to do the job
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What can we do:

  • Repair damage to Injection Moulds or Machine Parts
  • Modify injection moulds or machine parts
  • Fix tool makers mistakes
  • Add "above part line" material to moulds.
  • Repair cracks etc.
  • Amour edges, faces
  • Amour beryllium copper with steel
  • Repair copper EDM electrodes
  • Assembly welding of small machine, medical, scientific etc., components
  • Weld 3D printed parts
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Materials we can weld: 

  • Most steels 
  • Titanium and Alloys
  • Stainless Steel Alloys
  • Aluminum Alloys
  • Copper Alloys
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Inconel
  • Steel directly on to Beryllium Copper
  • Other strange combinations


  We can handle work pieces from Very small to 1000Kgs in weight