Other things we have done

Automotive parts

  • Cylinder heads, gasket etching etc.
  • Crankshaft journals
  • Repair edges of damaged dog teeth in racing gearboxes.
    This was amazingly successful using a special wear and impact resistant alloy steel.


  •  Medical instrument repairs
  • Medical instrument fabrication


  • Repairs and modifications
  • Repair of rust in antique weapons
  • Reconstruction of badly rusted parts.


  • Repairs to titanium parts
  • Fabrication welding of titanium parts and sheet


  • Repairs to Inconel parts
  • Fabrication welding of Inconel parts and sheet

3D Printed parts

  • Assembly welding. In stainless steel, titanium, inconel, niobium.
  • Fixing defects in 3D printed parts.
  • Welding 3D printed parts to machined parts.
  • We have been doing this for mission critical assemblies for some time.